We offer a wide range of marketing, creative, production and digital services tailored to meet individual client needs.

Digital Services

Comprehensive Website Evaluation – Some websites today are both attractive and efficient. Others fail to attract or hold the consumer's interest long enough to complete the sale. LCH Direct's comprehensive site evaluation will provide you with an independent review of every aspect of your current site including design, navigation, active links, shopping cart and so much more. You will come away with a detailed written report pointing out the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your site. It's the perfect first step toward a more efficient and profitable website.

Budget-conscious Web Design and Implementation – Whether you are looking to implement an upgrade on your current platform or undertake a completely new site utilizing a template such as Magento, the experts at LCH will design and implement an attractive and efficient site at a reasonable cost.

Email Marketing Program Development – From planning to coordinating with your other marketing efforts to implementation, LCH will help you deploy and maintain an email program that is both consistent with your brand image and a cost efficient sales generator.

Marketing & Consulting Services

Strategy and Marketing Plan Development – Success starts with effective planning. We'll analyze your current program, marketing channels, target market and industry trends and work with you to devise a coordinated strategy across channels that will maximize your business potential.

Sales and Circulation Planning – After careful analysis of your recent sales responses, LCH will construct a detailed contact strategy combining emails and postal mailings to coordinate your messages and maximize your total response. We'll tell you what, when and who to contact, plus how to test results. This plan will let you know the sales and profits you can expect even before the program begins.

Square Inch Analysis, Pagination and Space Allocation – Whether it's a catalog, email or website, careful design based upon proven product winners can have a dramatic impact on overall sales. When you let your customer's demonstrated product preferences influence the presentation you provide for them, the better they respond. We'll show you how to increase the selling power of your catalog, emails and website with our proven techniques for product placement and space allocation.

Program Monitoring – From start to finish, we work with you to carefully monitor results of your unfolding marketing program so you are in a position to react quickly to trends and challenges as they develop.

Creative Services

Creative Concept and Positioning – We understand remote selling and what it takes to make a program successful. We offer you a fresh perspective on your catalogs, websites, emails, ads and more with the goal of increasing your sales and profits.

Design and Creative Execution – Our creative team will handle the entire creative process from concept to completion for any or all phases of your program.

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